Found in 1993 in Richmond, Virginia, Old Father Time, LLC has offered highly specialized, vintage and antique pocket and wrist watches through our showrooms and internet location.  We also offer professional watch repair and restoration, and employ professional and/or Master Watchmakers in doing so.  In 2001, Old Father Time, LLC began offering services to national jewelry store chains as "trade clients" in all modern Swiss and American timepieces.  We are the only studio recommended by certain timepiece manufacturers for all their vintage work.  Our client base includes 27 countries, and  every state in the US.


Old Father Time, LLC is JBT and DUNS rated, and holds every professional affiliation available.


Old Father Time, LLC is proud of its service history and is committed to preserving the tradition of  quality and craftsmanship. Old Father Time, LLC has taken and will continue to take a very stringent attitude toward third parties who have infringed on its intellectual property rights, including trademarks and copyrights.  Old Father Time, LLC has filed lawsuits when appropriate and worked closely with different law enforcement agencies to protect its intellectual property rights. These measures are  necessary to protect the integrity of Old Father Time, LLC, as well as the professional watchmaking  industry as a whole.  Our reputation and dedication to professional watchmaking is of the utmost importance. 





If you have any further questions after reviewing the above, you may contact us at watchmakers@oldfathertime.com .