Repair Estimate Fee
Credit/debit card information is collected to be used in payment of a $65 Estimate fee.  An Estimate Fee is charged only if, after receiving our estimate, you decide NOT to have the repairs performed.  This information may also be used for payment of repairs (when complete), unless you decide to change to a different credit card or different method of payment.
(Additional fees apply for non-continental US return shipments)

Effective June 1, 2011, an additional charge is assessed for use of credit/debit cards. The "Card Fee" changes periodically as banks implement new rates. 
We've decided NOT to add these fees into our fee structure, but instead allow you to choose to avoid them with payment by personal check.
When paying by personal check, no processing fees apply.

NON-CARD Payments
The card fee is eliminated with payments using Personal Check or E-Check Authorization
Payment is collected at the time of approval and is held until repairs/purchases are nearing completion. Shipment will normally occur within 2 weeks of payment processing. 

I'm sorry but we cannot accept
Postal Money Orders  or Software-Generated checks (Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money).