Bulova Accutron Repair & Restoration Servicesx 1265
P.O. Box 1265
101 Airstrip Road
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
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Telephone Hours:  Tuesdays 10am to 3pm Eastern

SHIPPING by US Postal Service--Registered, Insured Mail

PO Box 1265
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948


SHIPPING by UPS or Federal Express
101 Airstrip Rd
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948


(Shipping Label LINKS are available at the bottom of our Accutron Repair Form)

The best way to contact us is by Email: Accutron Repair.  Your call is important to us and we welcome your questions.  However, there are a few limitations below which will help us maximize our time at the bench and allow us to respond to more requests.
  • Please do not call to inquire about the value of a watch you're buying or selling on Ebay.  We're not able to quote values by phone.
  • We do not sell our vintage parts.  All available replacement Accutron parts are listed on our Accutron Parts page and Accutron Bands page.  New/Old Stock vintage parts are reserved for our customers' restorations.
  • We do not provide services to the "Trade" or jewelry shops.  Our services are offered directly to the owner of the timepiece.
  • Beyond our Base Charge for antique electrics, we can't estimate the cost of repairing your watch before we've diagnosed the problem.
  • Aside from these requests, we're happy to discuss any aspect of your Watch Repair and welcome your phone calls.
  • We can no longer accept jobs previously botched by hobbyists.  Because of the parts involved, the cost is normally preclusive.

We are a secured office and studio, and do not have walk-ins.
Thank you! 

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Repair Calendar
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