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Accutron Repair Bulova Vintage Accutrons

Bulova Accutron Repair- 25 Years Vintage Accutron Repair
Repair Accutron watch. Accutron Watch Repair and Restoration Authorized Bulova Dealer Repair Center Repair

Bulova Accutron Repair & Restoration

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Bulova Accutron 214,  218 and 2242 (AccuQuartz), Watch Repair Services
Repairing Accutron Astronaut, Railroad, Mark II, Mark IV, Spaceview, Date, Day-Date, and all other 214,  218 and 2242 (AccuQuartz),vintage accutron models.

Packing & Shipping Suggestions

Pack your watch in a box that's approximately 8" X 4" X 4" in size  or a size that can't easily be lost by the carrier.  We recommend wrapping the item in bubble-wrap  and then packing in styrofoam peanuts or void air bags.  We recommend the use of USPS Registered Mail  Insured for shipping timepieces to us.    We don't recommend using UPS.  Click HERE to see why.  We also don't recommend Priority Mail for ANY watch shipments.  Any website advertising Priority Mail as their shipping method, has never tried to file a claim with the US Postal Service for lost items!
Please make no reference to the contents on the outside of your package.  Our address label  at the bottom of our
Accutron Repair Form  may be used for US Postal Service only.  Shortly after your package arrives  we'll send a detailed repair estimate by email.  We'll then wait for your reply before proceeding.  Because of the volume of repairs in our studio, we're not able to send repeated reminders.

In order to receive your repair estimate by email, you'll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  This service is free and can be downloaded here

Please send your watch only in
packing that can be discarded

Do not send original or manufacturer boxes.



Our $65 Estimate Fee on vintage watches includes diagnosis of needed repairs, detailed written estimate, and return shipping and insurance by Federal Express if repairs are declined.  (Additional fees apply for non-continental US return shipments)  If  after obtaining your approval  we repair your Accutron the Estimate is FREE!

Please allow adequate turn-around time.
As the largest studio in the U.S. for Accutron repair, turnaround time can vary depending on the number of repairs in our studio at any given point.  Our current turnaround time is 4 - 8 weeks.  Your patience is always appreciated!



Check the Accutron
Repair Calendar
Before Shipping

Accutron repair, accutron repair and restoration, accutron repair services:  accutron repair 214 and accutron repair specialists for over 20 years
Bulova Accutron Repair
and Restoration is our SPECIALTY including re-plating services and dial or chapter ring restoration.  We receive approximately 1,000 vintage Accutron 214,  218 and 2242 (AccuQuartz), model watches each year.  Bulova has been recommending Old Father Time for their Accutron repair since 1995.  And when the owner of the Bulova Corporation needed his personal vintage watch repaired, it was sent to Old Father Time.  That's why we've been
"The AUTHORITY ON ACCUTRON Repair" since 1995. 
Because of our unique relationship with Bulova, we've recently been allowed to purchase their remaining stock of all Accutron parts.

Our staff of watchmakers is highly skilled and is either a certified or Master watchmaking professional.  We've received specific Accutron repair training from Bulova Master Watchmakers and trainers.   Our watchmakers attend continuing education classes either at AWCI or WOSTEP.

Unlike many repairers, we charge No Additional FEES for restoration of individual case backs, pushers, crowns, or battery door components & locking rings.  When we quote case restoration, the price is "all inclusive".   If you add the hobbyists' costs for all the various components of an Accutron case, you'd far exceed our cost for case restoration.

We also offer many types of case repair and re-plating services along with authentic Spaceview crystal replacements.  We use only factory-correct, new/old stock Accutron components or newly manufactured factory Accutron parts from Bulova.  As a Bulova Dealer and service provider we're able to offer many authentic Accutron repair components not available anywhere else.  Because of our unique relationship with Bulova, we've been allowed to purchase tens of thousands of vintage Accutron parts.  It's important to Bulova that their accutron repair be performed competently by professional watchmakers, and with the correct parts & equipment.  We professionally handle all types of restoration projects with over 65 (combined) years of experience.

To learn more about what to look for in a professional, Factory Recommended  Accutron repair center  follow this link.

Click this link for a few photos of one particular hobbyist's Accutron job

Limited-Time Promotional Services available to OFT Accutron Customers

Read about reasons to choose Old Father Time over any other internet repairer here.

Our Accutron Repair Process:

  • We provide a Mail In Accutron Repair Form for your convenience.
  • Once your watch arrives it is locked in a secured location with fire and theft monitoring 24 hours/day.
  • Within 4-5 business days following arrival, a skilled Accutron repair watchmaker will diagnose your Accutron and we'll provide a detailed, written evaluation  with instructions of how proceed.
  • We accept many forms of payment including Personal Check, Credit/Debit Card
  • If you decide to proceed with repairs, Payment is not applied until we have a clear shipping date for your Accutron.
  • If you decide not to proceed, we process your "Estimate/Shipping" fee of $65, and we package your watch and return it promptly.

Accutron Watch Repair Mail In Repair Form
Click Here for
Accutron Mail-In-Repair Form
& Shipping Label



Vintage Accutron Warranty HERE

We are a Bulova Accutron Watch Dealer and the only "Professional Watchmakers"
Recommended for ALL Bulova 214 & 218 Vintage Accutron Repairs

If you own a vintage mechanical (wind-up) watch and need of repair CLICK HERE
for referrals of Other Certified Master Watchmakers



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